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The value of Stacks has shown a trend for gains as it has attracted investments. The price value for STX is currently in the $0.3527 range. The latest data shows that it has added 0.97% over the last 24 hours. The weekly data for this coin shows a loss of 9.45%.

imageThere can be multiple entries in the JSON. Parameter Type Description subType string The specific exchange, fiat account or unmanaged wallet (either INTERNAL / EXTERNAL) accountName string The name of the account accountId string The ID of the account apiKey string Third party's API key addresses string [optional] A JSON formated "key":"value" string, where the key is an asset symbol (asset symbols can be retrieved at the supported-assets and crypto the value is its address.

The ID of the Order Management System through which the withdrawal was made. The GUID assigned by the system to the withdraw ticket on creation. The call GetWithdrawTickets can return a set of RequestCode values to allow you to zero-in on an unknown ticket RequestCode. The ID of the Account from which the withdrawal was made. Key Value OMSId integer.

Parameter Type Description requestId string Unique identifier for the call - taken from the request type string [ UNMANAGED_WALLET, EXCHANGE, FIAT_ACCOUNT ] extraInfo JSON object Either AddressInfo or ThirdPartyInfo json object.

The amount of available BTC at any given point in time is preprogrammed according to Bitcoin's design. With 88.5% of the total supply already mined, at the time of writing, the circulating supply of Bitcoin is ~18,6 million.

It will remain until the maximum volume of 21 million Bitcoins would be generated by the net. According to preliminary estimates, it will happen in 2140. This reward decrease process is called halving . Every 210 000 blocks, the miners’ reward for the mined block in the Bitcoin network is halved, and new coins begin to appear two times slower.

Total Calendar Day Withdraw Notional TotalMonthWithdrawNotional decimal. Total Calendar Month Deposit Notional TotalDayWithdrawNotional decimal. Key Value TotalDayDepositNotional decimal. Total Calendar Month Withdraw Notional. Total Calendar Day Deposit Notional TotalMonthDepositNotional decimal.

A Satoshi is a one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin (0.00000001) and is currently the smallest unit of Bitcoin. A Bitcoin is divisible to the eighth decimal (1.00000000 bits) which means each BTC can be split into 100,000,000 pieces.

The ID of the open order. The OrderID is unique in each Order Management System. The quantity of the product to be bought or sold. The price at which the buy or sell has been ordered. Key Value Side string. The quantity available to buy or sell that is publicly displayed to the market. Describes the type of order this is. The call GetInstruments can supply the instrument IDs that are available. One of: 0 Buy 1 Sell 2 Short 3 Unknown (an error crypto condition) OrderId long integer. To display a displayQuantity value, an order must be a Limit order with a reserve. One of: 0 Unknown (an error condition) 1 Market order 2 Limit 3 StopMarket 4 StopLimit 5 TrailingStopMarket 6 TrailingStopLimit 7 BlockTrade ClientOrderId long integer. An ID supplied by the client to identify the order (like a purchase order number). One of: 0 Unknown 1 Working 2 Rejected 3 Canceled 4 Expired 5 Fully Executed. The ClientOrderId defaults to 0 if not supplied. ReceiveTimeTicks long integer. ReceiveTime long integer. If the open order has been changed or partially filled, this value shows the original quantity of the order. QuantityExecuted real. If the open order has been at least partially executed, this value shows the amount that has been executed. The current state of the order. The average executed price for the instrument in the order. ID of the instrument being traded. The ID of the other party in an off-market trade. If the order has been changed, this string value holds the reason. If the order has been changed, this is the ID of the original order. Time stamp of the order in POSIX format. Time stamp of the order in POSIX format. If this order is a quote, the value for cryptocurrency IsQuote is true, else false. CounterPartyId integer. The user ID of the person who entered the order. If this order is a quote, this value is the Inside Ask price. If this order is a quote, this value is the quantity of the Inside Bid quote. One of: 0 Unknown 1 NewInputAccepted 2 NewInputRejected 3 OtherRejected 4 Expired 5 Trade 6 SystemCanceled_NoMoreMarket 7 SystemCanceled_BelowMinimum 8 SystemCanceled_PriceCollar 9 SystemCanceled_MarginFailed 100 UserModified OrigOrderId integer. If this order is a quote, this value is the quantity of the Inside Ask quote. If the order has been changed, this is the ID of the original client order ID. If this order has been canceled, this string holds the cancelation reason. The last price that this instrument traded at. For a block trade, if both parties to the block trade agree that one of the parties will report the trade for both sides, this value is true. If this order is a quote, this value is the Inside Bid price. The ID of the Order Management System on which the order took place. If this open order has been rejected, this string holds the reason for the rejection.

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